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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  October 18, 2012 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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happy to go down with the fiscal ship signs the president will play hardball whether he wins or not threatening to veto any plan to avoid that cliff if it does not include tax hikes on the rich. with more than $100 billion in mandatory spending cuts and massive tax hikes is the 39 playing chicken with our economy and republicans by not budging, risking a greater gain on that chicken? bottom line, in either event, we go of another cliff. the nonpartisan congressional budget office we will be slipping into a recession which is in time for either side to make threats. what do you think of this? >>guest: for an economy trying to get off its back it is amazing we are in this position. if nothing is done, 90 percent of americans will have their tax rates go up not just 1 percent of the privileged few.
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that doesn't include payroll tax, or government spending will drop, as well, and i don't mind that but half of that is defense spending, all happening at the same time as the worst of all worlds. >>neil: this report got a lot of attention and i am not dismissing it but it is hardly worth a fox alert. the president is saying nothing new. look, we can talk all we want about extending all the rates, i am for extending those but not for the upper income but this is not a news alert what he is throwing down a remainder to republicans that you better come up with something because on this key issue, i'm not budging so he will put them in the position of bringing on this calamity because they married to the rich. how is that going to play out?
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>>guest: well, the president is trying to position himself as a good guy and the republicans as the bad guy, that they are for the rich and he is for the even else. that is the move right here. but the bottom line, what happens, and i know this has been out there for a while, but now it is october, we are getting toward january, and it is bad enough we have all this uncertainty out there in the economy already. if you want to add more and tell the business owner we are not going to tell you what the tax rate will be county he will not hire anyone and we will head south the i am not one to quote the c.b.o. but some of the number they have of a million jobs being lost and three or four percent --. >>neil: you are not in the camp that says had a way to minimize this? they could spread things out, they could delay tax tables, they could still have the tax go into effect in the new year but it is how it is reflected.
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but there is a way to problem peter to pay paul and get beyond this. but you say unless a deal is made both sides come to an agreement regardless of what it includes, there is hell to pay. >>guest: this is all this talk that if we go into next year it can be retroactive and they can get it done but do not tell that to the business owners. and people trying to make decisions on their lives and business owners where they are looking to hire people. the last two or three years why the economy is not reap -- reach its potential is uncertainty on regulations and tax policy. that is what coming from washington, dc. this will administrator fuel to the fire. right now, nothing is getting done. you have been covering it so well we have been talking the numbers $16.3 trillion. the president wants more money. what will he do with it?
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senator coburn has a waste but the they spend $23 million on teaching people in morocco how to make pottery. >>neil: gary, thank you. folk, a quick aside, i want to make clear to folks, republicans and democrats equally to blame. if either side budges, no matter who you blame, if neither side budges, it is what it is, folks. we are looking at a train wreck. a train wreck. i don't care whose side you take but if the president doesn't budge, you know how that goes and so does ed henry. what happens? >>reporter: the "washington post" is sailing the president would veto something with no tax increases. not major news. the white house is maneuvering trying to pressure things and
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the hope is the president wins the close election and he breaks the republicans, and he said this in private fundraisers, i will break their will and they have to give in on tax increases. >>neil: he will have a mandate. >>guest: exactly the problem is, to he does win, this is more likely to fuel the elections that have consequences. he may not win the election according to the recent polls. then what? until until what -- >>neil: then what? >>reporter: the president doing a fundraiser. >>neil: i am disturbed that you took the train. >>guest: the train is cheaper. i work 24 hour as day. so, bottom line, i ran into a form senator and i said what do you think will happen after reading the "washington post" story and he said they will do
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what they do best, punt so they will have a deal for three months or six months and kick the can down the road. it is a lame duck president, or could be. >>neil: so i don't know if the markets will like that. they will say here you go again. >>reporter: so the president's home is he wins, he gets a mandate and everything will stop and he can say, 9 balanced approach, i won, this is the mandate, we need to do this. do you think the republicans will fall over? unlikely. if mitt romney wins, will pelosi say we will do your plan? neither side is ready. >>neil: is it a simple majority rule? >>guest: in the senate you can use reconciliation for 51 votes. the broader budget issues, you will need 60 votes.
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there will be those who is lofted or retired and what some think could be likely, when you get all lame duck people together who do not care about an election and consequences, they might finally do a gang of six or do something big, a simpson-bowles plan because those who have spoken and now the lame duck congress will get together with a president who is re-elect or a lame duck president and say let's walk the plank together. >>neil: you really effectively are expanding the tax base, it is not so black and white that it represents the everyone. >>reporter: neither side has wanted this to happen but the
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markets are looking for it. >>neil: okay, ed, thank you. now, ed, you are the best. covering the white house. >> do you remember what happened 25 years ago, tomorrow? ed was not alive but i was, if the president doesn't want to see a similar stock crash like that, the heads of the big it bangs just sent him fair warning, tonight, at 8:00 p.m. on fox business network, big stuff, coming tonight. >> suspected terrorist of al qaeda and a plan to put 9/11 to shame, with a 1,000 pound bomb meant to topple the federal
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reserve building of new york but looking through the newspapers you wonder if the whole thing even happened because forget front page news this was barely any news, try page 26 in the "new york times" and page nine in the "washington post" and at least slightly more promising page 3 in u.s.a. today so read it and weep. the stepper expert on our collective shrug. man, mike, obviously if it happened it would be a different reaction are we that blase? >>guest: i have a problem with the fbi sting operation because we don't know what is going on in the country but the most important thing here again it undoes the obama scenario that al qaeda died with osama bin laden. the gentleman they enticed was enticed because he thought he was dealing with al qaeda and the memory of osama bin laden.
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it really is the media, especially the post and "new york times" and the major news channels have really hidden the expansion of al qaeda in the year since president obama has taken off. >>neil: i always wonder and you follow this more closely than i would, we see some of the idiot whose pop up, like this guy, probably not a wise my if you trying to be undercover to announce you want to start a jihads probably not the sharpest but i think of the underwear bomber, the shoe bomber, they are not mensa candidates. but there are people like a mohammed atta who are planning with more deadly accuracy. i wonder if these guys are a
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deflection. >>guest: i am not sure if they are deflection or 30's -- law enforcement wanting to show they are earning their money. >>neil: what if the f.b.i. did not cooperate or have an undercover agent with this guy? would he have found another guy? would he have succeeded? was it a good thing the file tie did what difficulty? >>guest: well, it is a good thing they did what they did but it clouds the issue. the real issue for the united states is to put a world map up from 2001 and one for 2012 and the expansion, the gentleman graphic california reach and the numbers of people fighting for al qaeda and their allies have grown a great deal in the last decade and no one is reporting on at "new york times" or the "washington post" and we are providing air support or we did
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in libya, to people who are, really, in afghanistan they would be called the taliban. the obama era as far as the militancy has been head in the sander a and america will pay for it very dearly. >>neil: i hope you are wrong, michael. but you have been prescient. thank you. >> early voting, early advantage if this guy? not if north carolina is any indication where early or later, mitt romney could be it. that is after this. [ male announcer ] how do you make america's favorite recipes?
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>>neil: election is only 19 days away. my goodness. don't tell that to folks in north carolina, today the crucial southern siping situate opened polls for early voting and with governor romney surging in polls after two debates republicans are looking to capitalize on this helping lead the charge where he is very popular, rick santorum who surprised everyone, the former presidential candidate, and former senator. it is good to have you on the phone, senator. what do you make of what is happening in north carolina? these are rolling average polls we see nationally some reflecting the second debate, others not. but, it is a trend favorable to the republican nominee so far. what do you make of it? >>guest: no question. the momentum is clearly headed in governor romney's direction. it is one of those things i'm
1:17 pm
out here and i have been in a different state every day and the momentum is clear, the enthusiasm is so much higher. i cannot remember a single event where the campaign and the candidate changed the direction of a race like mitt romney did 2 1/2 weeks ago. >>neil: has it changed since, the debate a couple of days ago the momentum? >>guest: paul ryan debt i going and biden's buffoonery did not help, and president obama failed in the last debate, mitt romney tore him apart, what his record was over the last four years. obama had nothing. nothing. he did not respond. that is what is sticking with people. it is settling in what we are looking for is what president obama did not last fur years, he
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has nothing new, no answers to the problems that have continues under the administration and romney has been solid and consistent. that is what they are, the americans, are looking for. in north carolina, the mood was exciting, people were charged up to vote. obama won north carolina by 14,000 votes but he won the early voting by 300,000. already, we are seeing the first dave voting so we do not know but the absentee voting is inverted from four years ago. republicans are much stronger. >>neil: is that a reflection, as i think with early voting it is a snapshot where you are in the polls other the sentiment. the early voting in ohio one of the states that allow you to vote really early, that was at a time when the early voting started when the president was well ahead and it looked like
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romney could do nothing right so early voting there benefited the president and now it is tighter in the more recent presidents. romney has to even that out in the next few weeks. highway big of a problem is the usually voting and in swing states, particularly, how does it sway? >>guest: it is a problem. i am not a big fan of early voting particularly when you vote three, four weeks out from an election because the dynamics can change dramatically in the last week as we have seen in this race and it does not reflect, really, the totality of a campaign. you do not run a campaign for four weeks out. you run a campaign and structure your message and your resources for election day. now, campaigns have to change. i think that is not beneficial for our country. but that is the reality of the
1:20 pm
situation. right now it is benefiting for the states that are starting early voting, it is benefiting governor romney. >>neil: we will see will google. obama. tech wreck. train wreck. we connect. well, you just hide.
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>>neil: this is weird. a google in a free fall after earnings were released early. a print certificate blamed. they were bad. google shares plunging 8 percent after earnings came in well below estimates. 8 percent for google is $65 or $70. ad prices take a hit.
1:24 pm
worries of the motorola purchase weighing in on the stock. if google makes you gag, to hear a utah republican hear it, president obama's promise to raise taxes at the end of this year, sell this whole economy short. we are getting the going of the show, democrats can claim, well, your intransigence to offer anything to him almost guarantees that. what do you think? >>guest: well, we have a lot of democrats who in the last two years have voted to extend the tax cuts for all. we have had 40 who vote two years ago to do that. 40 democrats in the senate who voted two years ago to extend all of the cuts. we have, for example, dick durbin from illinois, the democratic whip in the senate, and a month ago today he told "politico", maybe we ought to
1:25 pm
look at a short-term extension of a few months. >>neil: he told me that at the vice presidential debate in kentucky. is it your sense, though, that there is a way or is all of this just posturing, that the two sides are just sort, you know, looking at each other in a wary matter but there is a mood to see senator -- cement the deal and push the button. >>guest: there is posturing. it is interesting that the president came out with that and it helps sharpen the debate. we have a very clear choice. mitt romney doesn't want taxes to go up. president obama does. we have to remember, this tax increase, while it is pitched to people as a tax increase just on wealthy, it is not the wealthy that we are concerned about but
1:26 pm
the people who will be at the receiving end of this. who will lose wages. >>neil: you know washington and it is going to be pitched by the president saying, look, we had a deal, they sacrificed tax rates that would stay low or where they are for 98 percent of americans, for the sake of the great 2 percent, that is how they will pitch it and you, republicans, torpedoed a deal that was workable if they just budged on the 2 percent. >>guest: we are told we will lose 700,000 jobs if we do this. if we just raise this top marginal rate. those 700,000 jobs are not c.e.o.'s they will not be part of the top 1 percent if you just rais you will lose 700,000 jobs. those jobs are not going to come from the top 1 percent. they will come from people who are living paycheck to pay
1:27 pm
check. >>neil: but it seems what the president is saying, i don't care what the bipartisan panel comes up with if it does not involve ending tax breaks for the well-to-do i will not do it. whether he wipes -- wins or loses he is still president physical january. >>guest: if he wants to kill 700,000 jobs he can. americans have a choice in november. >>neil: he could double down on us and say, well, i don't think it is a good idea and let the new president handle it. but the rates are ending. >>guest: the new congress and the new president could retroactively restore the tax cuts. >>neil: does thatten mean you -- does that mean you have a few weeks where they jump up and then a few weeks later, they will be retroactive.
1:28 pm
>>guest: not ideal. >>neil: if mitt romney wins, and obviously you hope for a republican senate, you hope the path is cleared for an extension that is a more simplified tax code and they battle it out. >>guest: extending it so that we can iron out a more comprehensive tax reform plan that lowers the rates while consolidating loopholes. >>neil: we will keep our fingers crossed. senator, thank you very much. it is calculating and contentious. not these two. these two. the fight between microsoft and apple could be the most ugly headed into the election. breathe, and how that feels. copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. spiriva helps control my copd symptoms by keeping my airways open for 24 hours. plus, it reduces copd flare-ups.
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and extras like vision and hearing, with premiums as low as zero dollars a month. but don't wait. the last day to enroll is december seventh. call now. >>neil: microsoft did want us the earnings would not be great. they were not great. coming less than the dismal forecast the company reported first quarter profit of $4.47 billion, at 53 cents a share and they had $16 billion if sales. but this could be robbed from the future sales, people holding off on operating systems ahead of the microsoft debut of the new windows 8, the latest incarnation of the software. microsoft's earnings are getting a lot of attention because the
1:33 pm
ongoing war against apple, its weapon of choice, the new surface tablet microsoft thinks it has an ipad killer. but don't laugh just yet because microsoft could be on to something. >> this is tear tablet, first hardware device they are making, it is a tablet wannabe. >>guest: it is. it is exciting, though, for those who physical microsoft and who have been wanting them to succeed. they rolled owe the windows phone early this year it is beautiful. or last year. they upgraded it. it is beautiful software. now they put ones 8 on a tablet. it is gorgeous. it is exciting. they is completed the circle. they got it. the phone. the desk top. a tablet expense. it is an exciting time for microsoft but can they pull it off? on right side of screen you can see beautiful built from the
1:34 pm
ground up. they did not try to copy apple on the left, they built a new tiled software. >>neil: you do not have to have windows 8, it enables such screen technology so they may leapfrog over apple but they like the rodney dangerfield, apple is cool and they are not. i don't think that is fair but how do they overcome that? >>clayton: if you talk about it among the nerds in the tech press and i will speak for you, too, i know you are a prime nerd and we are excited, it is an exciting time because microsoft has doning in nerdy and those in the tech press are excited about what they have done. the hip factor, people are talking about microsoft again. you have seen the earnings because people are --. >>neil: people say it is confusing because there are two different shifts.
1:35 pm
>>clayton: what they are complaining about, with one touch on the screen which is bizarre, you can go back to the deck stop experience you are used to, your grandfather's windows, the start menu, or, you can is a tiled look with what is on the screen. they are saying we are not ready to commit to the new design. apple does something, they are read of the optical drive because you don't need it, and you have the cd's and they are saying, you do not need i. most companies and corporations are now just switching to windows 7. >>neil: or windows 5. >>clayton: i just got upgraded to windows. >>neil: this could work? >>clayton: am not convinced. you can play with the devices in apple or at best buy and they
1:36 pm
have a few of the stores but with the excitement factor and everyone knows, people do fought call them tablets they call them ipads. it is like calling tissue, kleenex. the tablets are called ipads. >>neil: you think they could do it? >>clayton: it is not a battle against apple but against google and droid, with droids not that great, we just saw the nexus7. >>neil: clayton knows his stuff inside and out. thanks, buddy. >> new signs from the badger state the president is feeling badgered. is the victory this governor had about to help this governor? that is ahead.
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>>neil: call it the badger state blues, wisconsin was blue and now looking purple and maybe red, governor romney gaining ground. the governor is putting pressure on the president in several swing states. we forget about the governors that have, sometimes, a bigger effect on our likes than the president. how does that look? >>guest: well, wisconsin is tightening up. this is a state that one poll that just came out has it at one point, and now it is down ten points, obama's lead two weeks ago was 11 point and now it is the same as several other polls where he is leading by two points, so wisconsin is in play. >>neil: so, has there been or is it too early to get a second
1:41 pm
presidential debate reaction nationally, and i know there is a rolling seven day acknowledge but i imagine there is some debate in there. what is going on? >>guest: well, still too early. rasmussen is now in the second day and two-thirds of that poll includes those who will have potentially seen the debate. gallup is seven day average and the swing states we do not get to data for another four or five days which is interesting because we will have another date that happens right on monday so there will be in sort of interim where we can see and assess how oh because, whether he rebounded with the losses from the previous debate because we will roll into the third debate on monday. >>neil: are the debates moving the needle? we know that they did with the first romney and obama debate. i don't know like you say, it is too early to tell on the second
1:42 pm
but in the end, are they moving it or other factors we don't appreciate coming into play? >>guest: we saw a shift after the first debate. we can only speculate on what we saw in the past because it wasn't such a clear-cut victory. romney scored a real clear-cut victory in the first debate and we saw the numbers move. we have economic numbers and all this stuff swirling around and the momentum is if romney's camp. we have seen, today, for the first time, romney moved ahead in our electoral map up 206 to 201 for obama. now many of the states that were leading with obama are toss ups now including wisconsin and north carolina has new put mitt
1:43 pm
romney ahead. things shifting romney's way. >>neil: too late to shift the other way? some will say it is fluid, the president's supporters? >>guest: 18 days is a long-term. obama's folks have to start feeling the treasure. they have to turn the momentum around somehow, some way, in the next 18 days. >>neil: thank you very much, tom. it is not just the presidential race that dana is patching. >>guest: we will talk about what is happening in the election that we have not focused on. one is governors, republicans have twine governors and we talk about women, this are four republican women who are governors. we have a picture here, and only two democrat women are of goes right now and they are leaving their posts and there is only
1:44 pm
one democratic woman running in new hampshire and that race is tied. it looks like the republicans could add to their already impressive majority in the governors and that is significant because nine out ten states with the lowest employment rates are republican governors so a lot of momentum swinging their way. that means a lot going forward because thing who will run for president in the future, usually i is a governor. >>neil: that is right. look forward to see youing in 15 minutes. the president focusing on the fallout our massive national debt. i am not talking about this president. this president. yeah. then how'd i get this... [ voice of dennis ] driving bonus check? every six months without an accident, allstate sends a check. ok. [ voice of dennis ] silence. are you in good hands?
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>>neil: our growing debt our biggest let? it look like this nut has our number. the president of iran, immediate ahmadinejad, now question how long america can remain the number one power with all of this debt. my analyst says this proves it is our biggest national security threat. when he calls us on it, that is not encouraging. >>guest: look, the american people, poll after poll, shows in their gut they know something is not quite right in the united states. we have, today, 46,000 new jobless claims. we have 47 million people on food stamps. $16 trillion debt. we have benghazi. we have the president continuing an apology tour at the u.n. and attributing a terror attack to youtube. our enemies see that. if the american people understand something is not right our enemies understand it, as well, he sees that. he sees weakness. the bottom line is, in the
1:49 pm
middle east, guys like ahmadinejad only respect the strong horse, right now they see us and our leadership and they think we are a pony. >>neil: whether we are in debt or poor, in the middle of a depression we have always delivered the goods and he knows that. but you are saying he is exploiting our financial weakness, that we are a soviet -- net borrower so say we are the emporor with no clothes. >>guest: our actions and words speak loudly in the middle east. we have vacated the middle east, ahmadinejad's turn, saying, no, we will not put our hat in the ring. we abandoned israel and iran and ahmadinejad notice thatting as -- notice that, as well. and the debt limits our maneuverability, say we have to take military action if some cases, look, that massive debt, and we are as a result of that
1:50 pm
debt, we are cutting defense spending and it hampers us and limits our maneuverability. >>neil: one of the more shocking comments of all the debates and i have covered all of them, the comment by vice president biden if his debate that iran is probably a good four years away from a nuclear weapon and i am paraphrasing, only days after net netanyahu looked at it in terms months. then i am picturing little lord founteroy and chances are he is a heck of a lot closer than we give him credit and we have for less than the vice president of the united states giving him a pass. >>guest: last week i saw a report from a bipartisan policy commission here in washington saying they could be two to four months away from acquiring a nuclear weapon and that is a
1:51 pm
great example, with joe biden coming out there he laughed when he talked about iran and i believe he told paul ryan, calm down, it is not that bad. >>neil: that will go down a chamberlain type remark, to find a way to market that out, we will look back at that as our blase response. >>guest: absolutely. they get that, 100 percent, the iranians feel emboldened. mahmoud ahmadinejad thinks we are on the decline. we da not seem willing to cut the debt and the iranians are licking their chops. they are chose to acquiring a nuclear weapon. it is the bottom line. war is coming to the middle east and iran is ready for it. >>neil: thank thank you, good d-
1:52 pm
to see you. the department of health and human services buy the election this a weird program. they are not saying that. meet the congressman who is saying that. guess what? this guy has subpoena power.
1:53 pm
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[♪...] >> neil: all right. we're just minutes away from a deadline showdown in d.c. 5:00 eastern time. when darrell issa is threatening to subpoena the administration if it does not hand over documents on the $8 billion medicare bonus program. congressman says the program is used to cover up the real cost of the healthcare law, perhaps buy the election. did the department meet the headline? let's ask the chairman of the government oversight reform committee who joins us now. any reaction? any answer? >> guest: neil, i flew back to be here for the discovery we expected to have. a few moments ago i got reams of paper that looks like this, if you can see it. basically, somebody hit a button and said print out a
1:56 pm
bunch of spreadsheets in an illegible format and deliver it. they could have given it to us digitalty. not promising to give us anything more until october. we'll be issuing a subpoena in order to make it clear that compliance according to the rules that have long been set up for discovery need to happen. >> neil: tell us what you fear or what you want proof is not happening. >> guest: first, let me explain these funds are not funds that congress appropriated. this special project that is going to back fill hundreds of billions of dollars a year worth of what the obamacare took out of medicare is in fact a little ploy to get around appropriations and get around admitting that obamacare is defunding medicare advantage and other programs. so as a result, this is not something congress actually appropriated. this is something that was envisioned for small projects where they couldn't come to
1:57 pm
congress but they wanted to do the tests. this is larger than every test they've done combined. it's clearly a $9 billion, $8 billion backdoor way of spending money. but more importantly what we ask them for five months ago in may was how did you make this decision? what was the procedure? what justifying having the actual tests in order to test? only today, only on threat of subpoena did they deliver a lot of paper. thousands of pages of simply -- >> neil: how would this -- i understand. how would this program, whatever you call it, hide the real cost of healthcare? what does it do? >> guest: what they are saying, as the test is going to fund what obamacare took away, you are going to see dollars going in, that almost equal what was taken away. remember, obamacare was the supposed to be not tax costing
1:58 pm
but by back filling this -- >> neil: where is the money coming from? >> guest: that is the interesting thing. congress authorizes this as unappropriated funds that can be set -- this is supposed to be about tests. that is the amazing thing. obamacare says the programs aren't efficient and now they are doing test to refund them. they never envisioned hundreds of millions nationally. the test could have been done in one small part of the country. it's able to backdoor an say we took care of seniors. spending money never appropriated.
1:59 pm
from a subpoena showdown to last showdown from obama to romney, this monday they square off. this is a last chance for voters to see them. fbn 8:00 through midnight. catch us there. following your money an what they're doing. ♪ >> andrea: hello. i'm andrea tantaros with bob beckel, eric bolling, dana perino, greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> andrea: there are important new developments on the libya 9/11 attack, including a report that the terror leader responsible for the attack has been identified, malicious loyal to libyan government has not been ordered to arrest him. now we'll get to that in a momentment first, the obama campaign may be hitting the